Product description

Mentor 145kW Three Phase M350

This model is now obsolete View the Direct Equivalent

Specification for the Mentor M350 DC Controller

  • Power: 145kW
  • Armature Current: 350A
  • Model No.: M350
  • Type: Digital DC Controller
  • Phase: Three Phase
  • Quadrant: 2Quadrant
  • Dimensions WxHxD: 450mm x 405mm x 280mm

Legacy Mentor II 2Q Three Phase Digital DC Controller Features

  • Microprocessor Based Digital Drive
  • Up to 750kW, 3 Phase, 200 to 660 VAC
  • Regenerative and Non-regenerative Models
  • RS485 Serial Communications
  • Plug-in 32 bit application coprocessor card - MD29
  • Fieldbus -
    • Interbus-S (MDIBS)
    • Profibus-DP (MD24)
    • DeviceNet (MD25)
  • MentorSoft Windows based drive configuration tool

Similarities with the Mentor II

  • Same sizing as the Mentor II
  • Same footprint as the Mentor II
  • Same mounting brackets as the Mentor II
  • Same power terminal locations

Retrofit Procedure

Mentor II Legacy Retrofit
  • Extract parameters / Program from the drive
  • Disconnect power and control connections
  • Undo and remove top bracket
  • Lift out Mentor II
  • Fit new Mentor MP onto existing bracket
  • Reattach top bracket
  • Reconnect power and control connections
  • Parameterise